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[Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue of Classic Motorsports, though values have been updated for 2021.]

Ever since it was replaced by the 997, the Porsche 996 has taken a big hit on the market. The 996-chassis 911 Turbo hasn’t been immune.

While some people may prefer the styling of the later cars, these twin-turbo 996 models still offer earth-shattering performance—figure a top speed close to 190 mph. These are reliable machines in a benign package, and thanks to their standard all-wheel drive, they can be used even as winter daily drivers. 

The 996 Turbo was a revelation when it debuted. At the time, it was the most manageable Porsche 911 Turbo ever. Only the introduction of the later 997 Turbo knocked the 996 to second-tier status. As a result, buyers can get a very nice 996 Turbo for as little as $42,000. That may sound like a lot of money for a used car, but not when you compare it to a new one at more than $174,000.

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Care and Feeding:

For the most part, these are very reliable and mostly trouble-free cars. However, as with any supercar—and yes, the 996 Turbo definitely fits into that category—make sure you receive a complete service history. You want an example that was routinely maintained, not one that only visited the shop when there was a problem. We also recommend finding a stock one.

These are not atrociously expensive cars to maintain, but you should factor a couple thousand a year to deal with service costs. Here’s another piece of good news: These cars are new enough that any issues would have likely been repaired under warranty. Again, find one with the paperwork to back up that history. 

Last Piece of Advice:

If ever there were a sensible supercar, the 911 Turbo would be it. Buy a quality example, and it will treat you well for years to come. It may be just the thing to blow the cobwebs out of your head on a Sunday morning.

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