BMW 3.0 CSL Batmobile vs. Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 | Homologation Faceoff

Two different tails, one similar mission: Produce a winning race car based on a popular showroom offering.

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In 1973, Porsche built a very special car: the 911 Carrera RS

Is the 911 Carrera RS the ultimate old-school Porsche?

Which Porsches will the next generation covet? We asked the experts.

Tastes change over time, yet Porsches have remained in favor for generations. The experts list the models to watch next.

The Zeitgeist of Domination: Mark Donohue and the Porsche 917/30

We take a brief look into the history of CanAm and Porsche's 917/30.

Pavement or not, Porsches have found victory | 911 T/R

How Porsche succeeded on the road less traveled with the 911 T/R.

5 Tips To Keep a Classic Fuel Injection System Running Well

The truth behind fuel injection in a classic car.

The Auburn Auction: 18 Cars to Watch | Prewar race cars to modern exotics

Unique cars, laden with history, highlight The Auburn Auction.

The Birth of the Modern Sports Car: Datsun 240Z, Porsche 924, Triumph TR7 and Mazda RX-7

The modern sports car: sleek, fast, cutting edge. Wire wheels need not apply.

Porsche 996 GT3: One of the last analog supercars. | Buyer's Guide

Why should you buy a GT3? It’s rare, it’s fast and it has strong ties to the brand’s motorsports program–plus the styling keeps it on the D.L.

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