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Adding Five Speeds to our Triumph With an HVDA Kit

The four-speed Triumph TR box is nice, but the car really needs an overdrive or fifth gear to purr instead of howl at highway speeds. We install an extra gear …

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Build a Safety Rag Barrel for Your Shop in 5 Steps

Keeping those dirty rags piled up in a corner isn't just unsightly, it's a potential fire hazard. Here's an easy project to keep those rags properly stored.

Modern Safety Gear for Vintage Racing

Just because it's vintage, doesn't mean its safety equipment has to be. Here's a list of everything you'll need to go racing safely.

Monte Carlo Minis

Remembering Mini’s wins at the famous rally.

We All Need A Good Automotive Lubricant

We give MPT 12 a shot on a pesky hinge.

Jaguar , MG , Triumph
Born To Perform: The Jaguar E-Type of Group 44

Group 44 Inc. Helped the XKE Go Out With a Bang

BMW , Chevrolet , Maserati , MG , Porsche , Triumph
Underrated Classics: Corvair, TR7, MGB, 928, and Biturbo

Being Told "Keep Out" Is an Irresistible Invitation

Abarth , AC , Acura , Alfa Romeo
Swinging '60s Supercars

We Drive Three Pop-Culture Icons to See if They’re as Cool as the Songs They Inspired

Austin-Healey , Fiat , MG , Triumph
Windup Sports Cars: Small Sizes Can Yield Big Fun

These little and supposedly underpowered sports cars--windup sports cars, some call them--not only offer great value, but they can be a lot of sports car fun both on the street …

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