The valuable benefits of running a race fuel

There are more benefits to running a race fuel than just octane alone.

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Does Ethanol actually corrode metals and plastics?

We ask Zachary J. Santner, senior specialist of quality at Sunoco, the dangers ethanol itself possess.

The perils of running rich

Is running rich a waste of money? Yes, but it can also cause much bigger issues later on.

Whatever happened to leaded gasoline?

Leaded fuel used to be everywhere–now, not so much. Whatever happened to it?

How to keep carbon deposits out of your engine

What causes carbon deposits, and how do you get rid of them? We're glad you asked.

What's the right fuel for forced-induction cars? | Fuel Facts

What kind of fuel is best suited to your old-school turbocharged or supercharged car? We ask senior quality specialist at Sunoco Zachary J. Santner to find out.

Do all gas stations offer the same quality of fuel?

Is there more to buying gas than just location, price and cleanliness?

Cars that sit need clean fuel, too | Fuel Facts

Just because it's sitting, doesn't mean you should give it anything less than what fuel you'd put in a running classic.

Was yesterday's gasoline better? | Fuel Facts

Was the leaded gasoline of yesteryear really more potent than today's fuels?

Are high-octane fuels more stable?

Higher octane fuels are more resistant to knocking, but does that mean they are more shelf-stable, too?

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