How to maintain a classic Mini

We ask the experts on how to keep a classic Mini on the road for years to come.

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A quick explanation of the BMC Hydrolastic suspension

Used on cars like the original Mini and the MG 1100, BMC's Hydrolstic suspension was a unique way to keep everything stable and level.

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Is your favorite classic car properly insured?

Your classic represents a real investment, so have it properly insured.

How Old Is that Mini, Really?

Is that classic Mini really a classic—or was it built as recently as the Clinton administration?

Meet the Mini Remastered by David Brown Automotive

Sometimes, a remaster can yield something greater than the original. Can that same magic be applied to a four-wheeled classic like the original Mini?

Micro Cars for the Masses

Microcars: Small Cars, Big Fun

Alfa Romeo , Austin-Healey , BMW , Datsun , Ford , MG , Mini , Porsche , Triumph
Your First Race Car: 12 Excellent Vintage Vehicles for Beginners

Answering a Popular Question: What Is the Best Car for the Beginning Vintage Racer?

Mercedes-Benz , Mini , Porsche
Slots of Fun: Time to Jump Back Into Slot Cars?

Today's small machines yield big enjoyment.

Monte Carlo Minis

Remembering Mini’s wins at the famous rally.

Tech Tips: Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper tips from some friends in the field.

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