Volkswagen Beetle: What you need to know before you buy

Whether you race it, show it or just admire it, the Volkswagen Beetle is a welcome addition to any classic car collection.

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How to help a friend restart a stalled project

What do you do when a friend has a stalled project? Instead of poking fun, how about actually helping them?

Meet the Mach 1, Belgium’s thwarted attempt to produce a hotrodded Volkswagen Bug

This isn’t just a Bug wearing a racing stripe. The Mach 1 Beetles also received enough horsepower to cut zero-to-60 times nearly in half.

Can a sealer kit really save a rusty, 50-year-old gas tank? | KBS Coatings test

Rust in the gas tank usually calls for a replacement, but is it possible to reseal it–and save some money?

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