A ready-to-restore Lotus Elan SE

Photography Courtesy Wirewheel.com

In the market for a new project? This Lotus Elan SE just came out of long-term storage and is in need of restoration.

Billed as being mostly complete and having a solid chassis, the Elan is currently fitted with a Lotus twin-cam engine with Weber carbs.

A factory workshop manual as well as new parts like rear shocks and motor mounts are also included in the sale.

Find this 1967 Lotus Elan SE for sale from Wirewheel.com for $7900.

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RustBeltSherpa Reader
1/30/24 3:17 p.m.

Wow, this is a steal! Tim would be at least $7,900 ahead compared to the "Restoration Impossible" Elan he pulled out of a Traverse City, Michigan field nearly 10 years ago. I wonder if this Elan could generate as many colorful stories as the "Restoration Impossible" Elan(looking at you, Hagerty interns creatively stuffing that Elan onto a landscape trailer or winning the Rueful Brittania class at Concours de Lemons).

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A ready-to-restore Lotus Elan SE details



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