No expense spared in building this low-drag Jaguar E-type copy

Photography Courtesy Chelsea Cars

Miss out on a chance to score one of the legendary low-drag Jaguar E-types? This no-expense-spared look-alike might be the next best thing.

What started out as a more pedestrian Series 1 model has been upgraded and restored–to the tune of more than 140,000 pounds, or roughly $175,767–to more or less resemble one of the now-legendary lightweight, low-drag racing versions of the E-type.

Besides the bright-orange paintwork, the Jaguar features a number of upgrades and modifications such as a de-seamed body, a built 4.2-liter engine, five-speed gearbox, Gaz shocks, side-exit exhaust, an aluminum radiator and magnesium Dunlop wheels.

Find this 1967 Jaguar E-type available from Chelsea Cars, price available upon application.

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sir_mike Reader
6/2/22 7:09 p.m.

Sorry but doesn't look like a low drag Jag.The roof line is wrong and no 1/4 windows on a true low drag Jag.Look it up and you will see what I mean.

chandler UltimaDork
6/2/22 7:39 p.m.

Those door panels are disgusting, they may be true to the originals but they look like they were ordered from katzkin.

6/10/22 2:26 p.m.

It looks like it was made from a 2+2.  Doesn't even resemble a low drag car. 


grubeguy New Reader
6/13/22 1:28 p.m.

Nice paint job, and it looks like a lot of time and effort were spent on this.  What's the asking price?

No expense spared in building this low-drag Jaguar E-type copy details

Price upon request

Candy Volcano

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