A Porsche that pulls like a tractor | 1960 Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Tractor for sale

Photography Courtesy LBI Limited

How does a 14-horsepower Porsche capable of 5 mph sound? Don’t worry, it’s not a sports car. Instead, it’s far more utilitarian while still retaining the pizazz of a Porsche. This 1960 Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Tractor is as much a part of Ferdinand Porsche’s legacy as the 911.

This example was restored in Germany five years ago before being brought into the United States. The paint, body and main structure are in good condition. It sports new tires, with wheels in good shape.

Climb aboard the tractor and sit in a nicely finished seat emblazoned with “Porsche Diesel.” The steering wheel looks and works well, along with the rest of the controls. The wiring behind the dash appears to be all new and well done.

Under the hood appears as tidy and restored as the rest of the machine. Hoses, cables, wires and battery appear to be all new. The engine is clean, with no known issues, and the gas tank is recently refinished.

Find this 1960 Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Tractor for sale from LBI Limited, with an asking price of $42,000.

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9/7/22 4:51 p.m.

This is not a Model 108, it is a Model 109 Junior.   Porsche-Diesel did not chrome plate parts so the shifter, parking brake, etc are incorrect for a proper restoration.  I also note that the battery is held in place with a cheap nylon strap instead of the proper steel strap with the rubber pads.  Someone replaced the fuse block with a copy that has a clear cover--again not factory.   The voltage regulator is designed to attach to the top of the generator and not screwed to the side of the air cowling.   Rear reflectors are incorrectly mounted.   Taillights are incorrect.    Just these few things make me wonder what else may be hidden.   A photo of the data tag would be beneficial.  

J.A. Ackley
J.A. Ackley Senior Editor
9/8/22 11:11 a.m.

Here's the data tag, as an FYI.

A Porsche that pulls like a tractor | 1960 Porsche Diesel Junior 108 Tractor for sale details



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