Brett_Murphy Reader
12/23/10 10:31 a.m.

Yes, these are mine. All parts are located in Raleigh, NC. I'm not going to ship anything big. Prices are fairly negotiable, discounts for multiple purchases. Best way to contact me is by email to amhorach at gmail dot com

[B]BMW Parts[/B]

Turbo and manifold for an E28 525D, should fit any M20 engine $75

Box of parts (12 button computer and harness, relays, switches, etc) $25

Leather bra for E30 BMW. Good condition, no tears, etc. Protect against flying rocks, large bugs and angry gnomes with tiny mallets. Cover up cosmetic damage. Buy it, cut it up and make a bra for a human out of it. $50

[B]RX-7 Parts[/B]

Series 5 turbo parts

s5 turbo side skirts: good shape, some scratches, nothing a bit of work and paint won't fix: $150

Series 5 parts

s5 center console - vent surround with vents: $75

1989? Gold s5 rear bumper $50

1990 Complete front/rear bumper and side trim (black) $200

1989 Blue fenders, will need repaint $50 each

White [B]aluminum[/B] hood, good paint $150

Black headliner $25

s5 tail lights (the ones with the round lights), no cracks: $125

Black doors, both sides, $75 each, very good condition

black seats with plaid fabric, both for $100

black door panels with plaid fabric, match seats above, $100

Black rear carpet $50

Hatch, good glass, attachments for cargo cover $100

Cargo Cover (black) $50

Black speaker covers with receivers for cargo cover $50

series 4 turbo parts

Water pump assembly (includes coolant return for turbo) $125

s4 turbo irons $25 each

s4 turbo rotors $50 each

s4 turbo rotor housings, good condition $100 each

eccentric shaft: $25

s4 sport spoiler $100

s4 sport aluminum under tray $25

s4 sport aero under pieces, usable but not great shape $25 pair

ECU 332 (1987) $200

ECU to Engine Wiring harness for 1988 TII, still flexible. $100

ALSO misc. other RX-7 parts available, such as alternators, air pumps, misc trim pieces, etc. Email if you need something.

racer_ace Reader
12/28/10 8:24 p.m.

In reply to Brett_Murphy:


Do you happen to have:

1) A set of FC grey (or black) rear speaker grilles without the cargo cover receivers?

2) A Turbo II front anti-roll bar?

3) The stock FC airbox inlet "scoop" portion that takes in air under the leading edge of the hood?

4) A set of FC springs (I am looking for either used Racing Beat or Suspension Techniques springs)?



corytate New Reader
12/29/10 10:25 a.m.

if it's still here when (if) we get the rx7, I'll be needing to buy that hood for sure (no hood on the 350 rx7 n, I think it didn't fit, so were gonna buy a stock hood and modify it lol) sorry that that was a lot of if's, but I'll get back to you about it!

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