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Johnny_at_NineLives New Reader
4/18/22 5:06 p.m.

How to make a splitter template.

by JOHNNY CICHOWSKI April 18, 2022

how to measure for a custom splitter

6 easy steps to building you a custom splitter. 

You'll want some tools.

  • Something heavy, lots of people use bricks, wood 2x4's anything really just make sure it's heavy and has one 90* wall. Natural stones are not recommended. 
  • A sharpie, pens work too. 
  • Tape.. you know, good stuff. 

step 1 find something to mark up. we really like shipping paper. carbord works too. if you need us to send some shipping paper we would be happy to. call us.

Step 1. Find something to draw on. carboard works great. We like shipping paper. If you would like some of our shipping paper click here 

Find a flat clean spot and lock that paper down.

Tape that bad boy to the ground, make it nice and flat.  make sure the rear of the bumper and front of the bumper are covered. 

get to sketching.



tape that sharpie to the heavy thing, and trace out the bumper. trace the bumper. do not add any spacing as we will handle that in post. 

trace the entire profile. include the edges of the bumper. 
Do not 
add any stick out. 

when done it should look like this. all the way around.

next mail it to us, address can be found on our contact us page.

Mail that template to us. 
Do include a note to us. we want to know,
your name 
return address 
phone # 

If you send us a box and no way to contact you we will throw it away. 


step 6 is on us we will mail  you back a splitter.


Tazz9924 New Reader
4/18/22 8:19 p.m.

Whats a general cost for your custom made splitters? can you specify extension forward and side to side?

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