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r3vhappy New Reader
4/7/22 11:02 a.m.

This thing is sick.

HaveBlue83 Reader
6/1/22 9:19 a.m.


This month marks 10 years with the car!!! Car turns 30 next month. approx 239k on the body, 50k on motor :)

-evo 3 turbo finally died out. both wheels had damage. I went with a billet 20g/split 5 blade wheel combo and had Justin whitesell machine the cover and do the whole job. The turbo hits full boost at 4200 and midrange-topend is great. its def laggier but it works better for backroads and highway as u dont just blow the tires off at 3800epm. i also rev to 7500now. the E3 turbo died off at 6300 noticeably. 

-my exh mani has a crack and that needs addressed, thats not helping spool at all

car is now keeping up with 600s, and thats about where i wanna be. :)

-shifter counterweight remains were rubbing on the lower coolant hose....went and found a new substitute and got it fitted in and the shifter cleaned up after hacking that all off. 

-rewrapped the downpipe with DEI to keep alt cooler  

-alt/batt/batt leads all swapped. they were all at least 5 years old. had a volt drop issue and just did it all. back at 14v now. 

went to a car cruise in, car looked good!



HaveBlue83 Reader
6/14/22 5:19 p.m.

upgraded to ECMlink V3 FULL.....now i can finally run ECU boost control. took 2 days to get ut to work, but now i see 25psi to redline, and i can make it dip, hold or spike wherever i want. 


my mani is old cracked and not optimum for the mhi turbo. im going back to a smaller 2g mani that will work for the td05 20g way better for spoolup, but not hurt topend. 


I had to bore it out to 60mm, ao i did a setup for that and used carbides to blend. 


HaveBlue83 Reader
6/17/22 11:10 a.m.

Ok its all back together and boosting. I used a new fel-pro gasket as the MLS showed signs if a leak in cyl #1. new turbo to mani oem gasket as the MLS there also had 2 leaks. I also lightly removed the step on the hotside to smooth the flow a bit. 


car is now seeing 38lbs min onnthe entire topend, and the response under 4k is better, as well as it coming alive at 4k, not 4300. just wha i needed! 



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