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HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/2/14 1:52 p.m.
Powar wrote: Much cooler than an Evo, IMO.

Im wondering what if 2020 comes around and this thing is more badass than a real evo III at that point? Lol. It is a fwd car but that could always change with the right parts and time.

I will have more pics tonite. You guys will have to guess how far i have got in this buid. When i get to the current state i will let you know ;)

pinchvalve MegaDork
4/2/14 2:32 p.m.

Awesomeness Scale:

This Build
Honey Badgers

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/2/14 7:10 p.m.

LMAO, not really....but this car is more fun than a woman (since I can FIX it), and I don't drink. Honey Badgers are bad ass tho.


It took me a LONG TIME and lots of learning to get all the engine connections straight. the MPI is an issue and I eventually ran the MPI power to a 30A switch becauseracecar and I cant get a switched on power source that is alive when cranking. I'm VERY basic when it comes to wiring, so one day I will tear a stock mirage apart and see how it's wired. Until then, I have a kill switch ;)

I needed the resistor pack off my 2g DSM's firewall for the Injectors to fire properly. The car started right up after I installed that! It idles, revs and I can move it around. My OBD port is without power as the 2g DSM uses a fused link in the engine bay and the mirage doesn't have that. I have to get unswitched 12v to that wire so I can connect with link and tune it. Timing and fuel trims are off, but it runs! It's ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!. I have a small turbo oil leak and I had a big coolant leak at the rad but that is fixed.

Enjoy my open downpipe HKS272 goodness! this thread needz a startup and rollout video (grab tissues):


OK, so that was open exhaust on 272's. base idle tune, issues with my OBDII not connecting...no power. I fixed that after some tinkering. I picked up an eGay civic EG catback since i wanted something kinda ricey/jdm/undertoned/not too pricey/etc. it is a 2.5". I am aslo running a 1G AWD 2.5" downpipe (unmodified) that I got from a junkyard for $25. WIN

SLEEEEEPERRRRRR SMIC. Bumper is on :) screenshot app

exhaust is on. A JDM bumper one day will really flush it up. screenshot

I painted the gauge bezels black. They were wayyy too flashy in silver.

image upload

She is outta the shop! Woooooooot! screen shot on a pc

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/2/14 7:24 p.m.

Car is now on the road at this point. driving, tuning, working out kinks. I started at 12psi WG pressure with a boost spike to 20psi, 18deg of timing, high 10's -low 11's Afr. 12psi from 3500-5000, at 5 it starts to spike, after that it's a banshee to 7K when I let off. I coulda went higher but it's just an easy tune my buddy did to break it all in. engine is good for 8500 if i really wanted to. it pulls hard and feels like a rocketship at 5K+. My buddy is a pro tuner and this car is done right.

-Full spool looks to be about 3700rpms. after 5K it increases as it spikes and holds at 20psi. here is a pic from when it was on stock timing levels. you can see it's doing very well. It's just got a tid bit of phantom knock. rarely even happens. AFR is off by a bit and so is boost levels.


-I had a HELL of a time with a coolant bubble...car got to 234deg. it was cruising at 229...not coool. the fan didn't kick on either so I hardwired it full on. I will need to connect that to DSMlink's fan switch. I think I got coolant in the fan switch connector and it shorted it out. I FINALLY got the huge bubble out of the coolant and it now cruises at 190deg and idle gets it to about 216 tops at long lights. it freaked me out but everything appears OK. car still pulls hard and no smells or exhaust smoke. damn DSM's and their coolant issues!

I had a hell of a time with the cable clutch.....turns out the cable was just E36 M3ty. down the line a new one removes ANY issues I had with the first new one I tried. trans takes quite a beating tho. Lots of spacers are required with the new clutch assy, it's def "grassroots" style shimming LOL . I am going to grab the 1.8L HYDRO trans in the local yard as a spare. I have the pedals w/mast cyl and the hard line for the trans already.

All that is left is to run my wiper motor wiring (plug n play), trans speed sensor for the ecu, fan control via ECU, and reverse wire for the lights. rear seats are going back in soon for the stock look.

some pics from east coast Mitsubishi Owners Day in Camden, NJ and one with my good camera:

screen capture windows 7

image hosting over 2mb

image ru

how do i print screen

online photo storage

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/2/14 7:43 p.m.

after this short 1,000mi testing time, I started having battery drain issues. the MPI was always powered and caused a noticeable draw. the Alternator also was having issues and the car died on my on the way to a car meet. in a nutshell, the battery was being depleted to a state where the Alt was not properly charging it. it never got to a full charge with the draw, and I diagnosed it while NOT fully charged. it was a mess, car was down for weeks. it was also dead of winter. Things were BLAH. I finally got the draw narrowed down the the MPI, and that is when I switched it. BOOM no more battery drain after a week of sitting. BOOM alternator stopped being wacky. I DID put in a new alt just to be sure, and now the car is in a nice happy charging state and NO draw. The radio cannot function under 11.5v, and that was where the batt was at, especially with the cold weather. I am a shotty electrician at times. This also made me lose my tune as the ECU works in a weird way: tune is in memory. when car starts, tune is extracted and used. upon shut-down, ecu is on a 6-10sec relay where it then returns tune to memory. well, when I flick my MPI relay manual switch off immediately after the ign, BOOM I lose the tune. so, basically, the answer for that is to wait 10sec. I will relay this in the future when I get a chance so I don't need a switch any longer. Time will tell.

OK, SO, after all of the mess is out of the way....lets continue:

Ladies and gentleman: a working F5M222.

pictures upload

:D :D :D

I gutted it again this weekend.....boredom and fun Gutted the car weighs 2,040lbs. I have some small wet spots I need to address as well as a side note. nothing big at all. I would love the get some race seats and a 6-pt cage in the future. OEM sleeper look is just as fun as track car rattles :). during this time I also delete the auto-belt wiring harness to clean it up.

EDIT: I just gave it a nice bath and took an awesome driving shot ;)

image share

I FOUND REVERSE!!!! lol. last piece to the puzzle for being road legal. lights are connected. I found the reverse red/blue wire in the dash! I had it marked "trans diag connection" and i tucked it up by the green dash harness connector.

Look they work :)

screenshot app

my wideband cable was an old one...it was spliced and one hit from a snowball road chunk too it out. New cable and rerouting of it solved that issue.

I went to a local car show! the buckets were for votes.

bluesideup Reader
4/2/14 11:47 p.m.

Yours must be a real blast to drive. I took a friend for a drive with the 15" pizza cutters on and the wheel spin was awesome. At the time it had the total E36 M3box sleeper look.

Mine had the hydro trans in it as it was a 1.8 originally. The mounts I was referring to are the two on the lower crossmember, window weld those up and you won't have problems. I might still have a box of Mirage/95 Talon sensors and junk if you want it. I know I have an intake manifold that's ready to be recycled if you don't want it.

sethmeister4 Dork
4/3/14 12:13 a.m.

Sorry, I'm not a DSM genius...why does the valve cover say Hyundai? What Hyundais did the 4g63 come in? I know I've heard of guys putting them into old Excels and such, but other than that I'm clueless. Looks great, awesome thread! I love sleepers!

beans Dork
4/3/14 1:08 a.m.

Love. This. E36 M3.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/3/14 8:36 a.m.
sethmeister4 wrote: Sorry, I'm not a DSM genius...why does the valve cover say Hyundai? What Hyundais did the 4g63 come in? I know I've heard of guys putting them into old Excels and such, but other than that I'm clueless. Looks great, awesome thread! I love sleepers!

-It says Hyundai for the clueless people and for the sleeper look. I tell them it's a hyundai swap.....and they believe me LOL. 87-88 Stellar, 92-95 Elantra and 89-05 Sonata can be found with the NA 4G63 in them. I got this off a 95 Sonata. It's just a 1g VC made by hyundai.

-yes the "roll stop" F&R mounts. I have window weld that I used on the DS one when I refilled the old hole and made the new one. I can try that.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/4/14 10:07 p.m.

-EVO I OEM MOMO wheel and hub, with a cool mitsu horn button. I had this shipped in from BC, Canada.

-I was tired of nobody wanting to buy this, so it went into my car. NObody make a seat base for a 93-96, so I made my own, for $46. :)

free image host

-fabbed up a seat base (4hrs) -installed seat -smiled -drove to Rita's for a free water ice -went to the gun range (pew pew!) -broke clutch cable on the way home, RIGHT in front of my development -lol'd -ordered new cable (arrives tomorrow) -failed to McGuyver the old cable using crimps (ended up being too short, darn)

This REALLLLLLY needed replacing:

how to capture screen

Making the base: image hosting free

taking a screen shot

Seat in! screen grab

free photo hosting

Gun range :)

photo hosting

SNAP!!!!! You bastard..... screen shot on pc

Interior is back in for a nice OEM + look :)

-Grandpa went to see his kiddos: upload image

img host

and, NOW we are to the current day :). I celebrated that by cracking the piss out of the Tubular O2 housing. yay. OEM cast one going on asap.

Nitroracer SuperDork
4/5/14 10:03 p.m.

I see you visited Oxford recently!

Enjoying the build. Keep writing these updates.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/6/14 8:15 a.m.
Nitroracer wrote: I see you visited Oxford recently!

I live 15min from oxford LOL. I'm always at camerons for the bolt bin.

last nite I started to pull the turbo. I got all the bolts loose, so this will not be a PITA job now. O2 swap and oil/water seals and this thing should be good to go again.

I busted out the portable light for this job!

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/6/14 9:25 p.m.

Turbo is out:

Tis a real EVO III turbo :)

so...small crack......ya know.......

I got it all back together with new turbo seals. Things look good. I also found out that there is STILLL a leak.....downpipe flex is torn and i have another leak. YAYYYYY. That is next. Oil change to Rotella 15W-40, mileage 113,800KM on cluster for notes

Vigo PowerDork
4/6/14 9:47 p.m.

This jogs a memory. I once bought a 93 dodge colt with 1200 original miles. Reason: It had been converted from brand new to an electric vehicle. Several owners and iterations later i bought it with a pretty neat set of hardware in it (which i still own and may eventually use in another project) but lacking batteries. Sat on it for a while and eventually ended up parting the EV goodies for a different project and selling the 1200mile pristine no-rust shell to a guy in trade for some car goodies. THAT guy did most of an evo3 swap up to and including getting the whole AWD drivetrain into it. I dont think he ever finished it. Dont know why. But somewhere out there is an EXTREMELY clean low-mile 2dr shell AWD-swapped ex-EV conversion Colt that i once owned. Weird.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/6/14 9:53 p.m.

wow that is cool! what color was it? I know of a few AWD coupes on the mirage forum....actually evocoupe.net as well....they are very rare tho.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/29/14 9:55 a.m.

I did some much needed work today. My tires have camber wear. I attempted doing camber arms awhile back, but a bolt was seized. I got it all swapped today :). I picked up some Tokico Blues off the BST on MPF, and they are in wonderful shape. I hope they last. I want Koni Yellow inserts for the front. The rear doesn't need much shock.

img hosting

screen capture

image sharing sites

upload pic

and some swag. I'm trying to keep this car low-key, but the rack doesn't matter. YES I use it! I did 5 miles in the woods today :) screen capture

list of what's next: -Fix the damn ripped Flexpipe (in progress!) -duct the smic for now -Brake upgrade (Still need rear setup)

Advan046 HalfDork
4/30/14 12:38 p.m.

Man that looks good. I spent so much time underneath my friend's EvoII-III that it is like deja vu looking at your pictures.

4 door EvoII-III conversion

It could run down my Evo 8 in about 1/8 mile!! It was the first car I got out of shaking during an AutoX.

I hope you have as much fun with yours.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/30/14 2:26 p.m.

Thanks man! And i know of that sedan from google images. I would love to be able to auto-x mine some day soon. Its a ton of fun

Swank Force One
Swank Force One MegaDork
4/30/14 2:35 p.m.

This thread is awesome and i don't have a ton to contribute, but figured i'd post these pics of an old Evo that showed up at Deal's Gap last year and i just had to get pictures of it with our old MSM.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
4/30/14 9:04 p.m.

yeah I just talked with that guy this week LOL. he's from canada. He makes the trek down for H2O and to do deals gap every year. I almost bought the OEM FMIC setup from him before I researched and found out it wont fit on the coupes. Early EVO guys are a tight group of guys, and are very helpful.

UPDATE: Downpipe is rewelded! my dad rocks. he got it done in the rain day off he had. tomorrow it's going on and I'm gonna try and do some SMIC ducting. I need about $250 for the ebay FMIC setup that will fit the car, but that and Koni front shocks are next on the list.

HaveBlue83 New Reader
5/3/14 11:04 p.m.

new shift knob arrived! Torque Solutions delrin teardrop style. I LOVE it. it has a nice texture to it, and the plus of not being cold or hot when the weather is at extremes. great use of $20. I got white because it's just a perfect Rally look.

Timeormoney Reader
5/4/14 12:31 p.m.

This is a fabulous build

HaveBlue83 New Reader
5/4/14 9:55 p.m.

thank you very much sir! I took some good pics of the car today at Wal-Mart (of all places).

I will need to get a video clip of the car up. it's fun :).

accordionfolder HalfDork
5/4/14 11:31 p.m.
Powar wrote: Much cooler than an Evo, IMO.

x2 Forget the FWD vs the world crap; this thing is all sorts of awesome.

davbro New Reader
5/5/14 10:33 p.m.

Dude! Nice build. I did my AWD 4door conversion way back in '07 and I am still loving it. in fact I am finally going away from the sleeper look and doing the EVO III look. I am doing so much to it now (EVO 8 brembos and rack, Quaife diffs, koni coilovers and lots more) it feels like a whole new project. Its great to see other folks still doing this conversion. Love the coupe...always wanted to do one of those too. Keep up the good work man, you are on the right track. If you have any questions do not hesitate to hit me up. BTW, seeing your side mount brought back memories. I had the same setup running 12s with the 14b

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