PlugUglyE30 None
9/26/21 4:16 p.m.

I actually started this build a while ago, and with the natural course of life, and my vehicular a.d.d. kicking it the project amongst my many others ended up getting shelved. I have very little racing experience in the grand scheme of things, and that is if you count just going in a straight line. I am however a long time enthusiast of all Motorsports and vehicles.  That said i have always loved watching rally, and the idea of it. Im hoping that by starting a build thread, it can help me become more motivated and help get me headed towards my goal of Stage Rally. 

I decided to take a step closer to it and started looking for a RWD car to take my local RallyX. I initially started searching for an SVO Mustang or XR4Ti to use as my base platform and getting me started. After numerous XR4ti being to far gone, and the SVO's being "to nice" to destroy I stumbled across an 86' 325E at the scrapyard. Well $500 later and I drove it home and that's where this build started.  A tired 2.7 with a growling transmission and a fairly decent passenger side impact. 

Off to the junkyard I went, and sourced myself a new door, as well as some more bottle caps, acquired some new winterforce tires. A few cans of spray paint, some axg rear shocks, skid plate, front strut bar, motor/transmission mounts and off to my first RallyX I went. It was a real eye opening experience. I learned that despite all my enthusiasm and previous history with automotive hobbies, I knew nothing about how to actually drive.  I stuck with it for about 5 to 6 local events, and finished with a regional event. Unfortunately the Colorado RallyX program seems to have a very deep amount of talent when it came to Mod2( MF and MR were ran together during this time because of participation numbers) I was basically always in the middle of the pack. Which sounds great until you realize 10 to 12 seconds normally separated the middle of the pack from the lowest of the top 8. It was a bit discouraging to say the least, with the only reward slowly shrinking the gap between the top 8 and where I was.  At the regional event, It consisted of our normal top 5 drivers from M2 and some great drivers from the Utah region, at the end of day one I was fairing well and only about 4 seconds behind the main group of drivers, and a missed gate on day 2 basically took me out completely so the rest of the day was spent just having fun and being a bit more careless than I probably should have been, made for some cool slide pictures at the least.  That was all round 5 years ago.  Here are some miscellanies pictures from that era.


PlugUglyE30 New Reader
9/26/21 4:31 p.m.

Shortly after the regional event, work started to interfere with attending the local Rallyx events. So aside from a "take it the track night" on a random Thursday the car pretty much sat collecting dust. This is when I decided to go ahead and gut the car in preparation for getting it caged. After the cage went in, its basically sat for the last 4 years untouched other than a very poor and rushed attempt at correcting some body work. This is pretty much how it sits today. I work almost seasonally, and my next stretch of off time should be starting soon. So I am hoping that over the next few months I can start gaining momentum with this again.  

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