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StripesSA1 Reader
6/14/22 1:37 p.m.

Bum dyno is reporting a return of 100% power againyes

StripesSA1 Reader
6/24/22 8:07 a.m.

So Wednesday evening the wife phones me and says, "Something's dead near the HVAC fan" 

First thought that went through my head, "great, it's going to start raining soon and now I have to strip the H5". 

So when I got home, I pulled the cabin/pollen filter. Yap, definitely never been changed(photo was taken the next day) 

When I put the fan on, I almost died. Definitely something dead, but pulling it in from outside

That was just after 18h00 in the evening. Now I was already suspecting a mouse had gotten in below the cowling cover somehow

There is the furry little bugger. 

Had too make a hook out of some thick wire and pull it out as it was in to far to get my hand in there. 

Was a decent sized critter

Assembled during the falling rain and now car was 100% death odor free. 


Also used my new magnetic fender cover

So no scratches on the fender and the hood. Photo taken before the rain. 

And next day got the new pollen filter

Strange how stuff can be taken out in 5seconds, but trying to get it back, that sum-bitch put up one hell of a fight


StripesSA1 Reader
8/15/22 12:33 a.m.

So this weekend the H5 got an lube job. With the fuel filter, and plugs changed at different intervals before now, it is "up to date" on services. The air filter is at the next interval. Thought this one also had an 15000km service interval, but after finally getting a service manual, it was overdue by just a bit more than a 1000km

The front brake pads started squealing a month back, so just clipped the squeal plate/indicator to get us by till I could get the brand of pads I know and trust, but unfortunately, had to settle for "house brand". Also changed to Shell HX7 semi synthetic and GUD oil filter. 


Part number for future reference. Discs were still fine, so when it is time for them, will also change the front wheel bearings as the disc is a behind hub design. If pads are still fine, keep them, otherwise, pre order something better

StripesSA1 Reader
8/18/22 5:40 p.m.

So, on Saturday, I went and changed the front brake pads, since the wife noticed a scraping noise from the front a couple of weeks ago. Tried to order some quality parts, but nothing but ATE and Motopart was available. 

I have a big dislike in ATE, since they always squeal from new, and Motopart is a budget "house brand", with sometimes questionable quality. 

Since I did not want any noise, since that is the major complaint, I went with Motopart. 

First hurdle, the slide pins needs a flatter 17mm open ended spanner to hold it, while you remove the caliper mounting bolt. Had to sacrifice one of my good quality spanners for the task


When removing the caliper, this was what I saw

Definitely in need of replacing 

Yap. Originals. And lasting over a 160k kilos, that must be some really good quality pads, or most likely replaced with OEMs during that distance

But these slide pins? Definitely in need of cleaning and relubing. Left side top.... 

And another look of that top.

No pics of bottom, since I forgot to take any

Lubes of choice. Multi purpose to loosen stuff, Brembo for the slide pins and some old stock Castrol Wheel Bearing Grease for the studs. A side note, this is the ONLY product of Castrol that I will willingly buy. 

Old pad over new

Old pad next to new

New pads fitted

Caliper back on

Also got some new wheel nuts, since old one's chrome plating is flaking off. 

Rear wheel with old nuts to compare

Left side done. No photos of cleaned slide pins on this side. More on the right side to come



StripesSA1 Reader
8/18/22 5:49 p.m.

On the right side I decided to remove the sump plug and drain the oil, but since my drive is a dirt/gravel drive sloping to the other side, I decided to lower the H5 as low as the jack would allow to drain the oil. 

Castrol Magnatec at it's "finest", used at the last oil change by PO on 13-04-21 according to the date on the filter. That was also at the 160k mark, more or less. 

Right side slide pins didn't look much better 

All cleaned up

Right side all done. 


Now, when changing pads, and compressing the caliper's pistons, you need to draw of some oil from the master cylinder's reservoir 

Damn, that's nasty 

Topped up with something better

Just need to do the rear disc brake pads, them everything will be all good with the wife's transportation, but the next two weekends is slammed with birthday parties, but I did acquire the rear pads in the meantime.



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