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Will UberDork
3/13/22 10:48 p.m.

In reply to GCrites80s :

Yeah, every few years the world needs another good berkeley you song.

I admit it was really the only song of hers I knew, but I liked her whole set and she has an album coming out soon. 

petey Reader
3/14/22 10:32 a.m.

Really nice car you have there

Ive had 7 of which 6 ended up as parts cars...last one donated its heart to my volvo with a cobra T45 behind it

Will UberDork
3/14/22 11:41 p.m.

Last night, last show. My favorite band, the Dollyrots!

If you've never seen them, give them a shot. I don't think any band is better to their fans.

Will UberDork
3/15/22 6:44 p.m.

Made it back home today. Over 1,522 miles the car averaged 23.2 mpg. Should have been a touch higher--it was at an even 24 mpg when I left Louisville, but then I put the climate control on a setting that was running the AC compressor. Mileage got as low as 22.7 before I realized that today.

No problems from the car at all.


Will UberDork
6/12/22 7:27 p.m.

Saturday I went to another concert: Flogging Molly in Atlanta. The Interrupters were supposed to play, too, but one of them got covi and they had to miss this stop.

As part of the trip, I decided to hit some local junkyards to check out some Mark VIIIs and T-birds. Mostly I picked up some minor stuff that should make the car just a little bit nicer. Examples:

Console cubby door with a decent "chrome" button to replace the original with flaking chrome.

Also picked up a new intake tube to replace a broken one. 

And got a 16" spare w/aluminum wheel. The car came with one, but the tire wouldn't hold air.

Grabbed a new driver side door panel--no pics, since the old one looked fine, but most of the mounting tabs were broken and the previous owner had secured it with wood screws. Took home a set of taillights and a trunk LED. None are perfect, but they're good spares and no worse than what I have.

I also picked up a new air box (not pictured) because the original had some broken mounting tabs. Since I was replacing it, I decided to remove the factory snorkel that goes below the air box. Probably doesn't cost much power, if any, but deleting it won't hurt.

Removing it was something of a pain. I got mad, so while I was out it, I removed the air suspension compressor, since there are no more air springs.

Between the snorkel and the compressor, I pulled 15.4 pounds out of the car. Don't think I'll be able to feel that, but I get annoyed when parts become dead weight.

Will UberDork
6/13/22 8:35 p.m.

OK, so fun fact about the Mark VIII: One of the black boxes bolted to the compressor for the air suspension is the VLCM, variable load control module. You can see it in the last pic above. Here it is from another angle:

It doesn't interact with the air suspension in any way, but some guy at Lincoln thought that was a good place to bolt the thing.

Turns out the air conditioning won't work without it.

So...if you're going to delete your air suspension stuff, take this guy off and bolt him back to the inner fender.

I found this out the hard, er, hot way. 

I didn't weigh the VLCM before putting it back on, but whatever it weighs, it's worth it.

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