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JeremyJ Reader
7/16/21 10:05 a.m.

Nice car. I've always liked the new 124. The wheels and the blackout trim match well. 

obsolete HalfDork
3/3/22 7:53 p.m.

This came up as a Reader's Ride in the sidebar for me today, and I followed the helpful URL to this thread. The car looks great and I like the choices you've made with it. I see it's been a few months--any updates?

I really like these cars. I think they got the styling just right, which is not something I would say about almost any other modern sports car. I rented a 500 Abarth a few years ago and had a lot of fun with it. Just loved the exhaust note.


ShawneeCreek HalfDork
3/4/22 11:54 a.m.

In reply to obsolete :

Thanks! I'm still really happy with it as well. The only change since the last update was the swap to winter tires and wheels in October. It makes a really good winter car. The seat heaters come on fast and can then be dialed back. The cabin is tiny and heats up quickly once the motor is warm. And it has proven capable in the snow and ice on the winter tires. Turning traction control on and off is a simple single button press. So that may or may not happen before and after deserted corners on snowy roads :P   I feel bad exposing it to the salt, but I'm unwilling to buy another car to use as a winter beater.

I'm up to almost 48,000 miles on the odometer. Modifications from here will likely be minimal. I want a set of black "rollbar" hoops from an MX-5 to match the now black windshield trim. An ECU tune for another 30-40 horsepower would be nice. But that's about it. I'm trying to not ruin how good it is as a daily driver.

Having said that, if an unplanned pile of cash came my way I'd love to call up Flyin' Miata for an LS V8 swap kit for it. I think that would be a blast to do myself. And the car would be ridiculous afterwards. But that's a bit of a pipe dream for now. shrug. A respray in something not grayscale would be nice too.

When I swap back to the summer wheels this spring, I think I'll put the straight pipe section back into the exhaust for a week or two. The noise is so much fun.

- Sean

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