vazbmw HalfDork
7/24/16 6:32 a.m.

Craigslist Ad

The Good: • Clean title

• Cold AC

• New top end (valve job, valve seals, head gasket, machined head)

• New PCV System

• New Cooling system

• New Heater Core

• New ETM (electronic throttle module)

• New Strut tops/mounts

• Clean body with no damage (some dings)

The Bad:

• Needs registration (registration has expired)

• Bottom end will need to be rebuilt (blow by)

• Sometimes stalls when idling with AC on

• Sometimes hard start when engine is hot

• Crack in windshield

• Rear passenger window does not roll down (needs new motor)

Why do I want to sell it? 1. Too many cars

  1. Not interested in this car any more. Used to be my commuter car, but I have another commuter, so this car is just sitting.

  2. Wife doesn’t like the car

  3. I don’t want to spend my time repairing it, I have too many other projects that need my time and attention

What would I trade for:

• Porsche 914

• MR2

• Sandrail

• Motorcycle

• TIG welder

• Tools

• Upright tool chest

• Turbocharger system for LS1

• Supercharger for LS1

• Wheels for BMW X5 sport package

• Metal lathe

• Please feel free to throw out some ideas of things that are worth about $1000

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