10/13/19 9:22 a.m.

Copy/pasted from my post on VW vortex...

For sale - 1983 and a 1984 VW Rabbit GTI + parts

I’m selling my pair of GTIs and all of my Volkswagen stuff, I have too many projects and I can’t give these two the attention they deserve. Nearly everything you need to build one nice street car and one nice SCCA IT car.

The black one is the street legal one with a lot of mechanical work done to it. It has a 1.8 8v (GX block from a MK2) and an EMS-Pro (megasquirt 1) fuel injection system. It made 120hp/123ftlbs on Road N Race automotive’s Mustang dyno.

Good bits:
-Crane Cams 280 camshaft
-Freshly rebuilt and ported JH solid lifter head
-Techtonics Tuning long tube 4-1 header
-Custom 2.5in stainless header back system, Pypes M-80 center muffler, Vibrant muffler at rear, Borla tip.
-Engine wiring harness is divorced and modular from the body harness with a Bussmann 15303-5 Fuse/relay box.
-BBM fuel rail w/matched bosch fuel injectors (LS1 camaro 28lb/hr iirc, grey body)
-OBD-1 VR6 throttle body, adapter, and ported intake manifold
-MSD ignition
-Odyssey AGM battery
-AFCO radiator
-Crank breather system with catch can.
-New L and R engine mounts, urethane front and rear mounts (I have a new factory rubber rear transmission mount, the urethane one is annoyingly loud).
-Urethane contol arm bushings
-15x7 Rota mesh wheels, also has it's own set of 14x6 snowflake wheels in addition to the race cars sets.
-Neuspeed lowering springs
-Hella H4 headlight housings

-rust repair:
-windshield frame at lower quadrant, leaks when it rains
-hatch window seal area, lower quadrant (have an extra hatch with no rust)
-Corners under rear bumper where the rear apron meets the rear fenders
-Thankfully all these sheet metal components are available for sale still
-bottom end is tired now, could use a bottom end refresh. Luckily, the original JH block is included in the parts lot, along with a set of SCAT rods, BBM flywheels (yes two of them) and a 16v clutch. Just add Cabrio pistons for a good time.
-Shocks are tired, but there is a set of Bilstein sport rear shocks and NOS Carrera front shocks in the parts lot
-The brakes need attention, they will stop the car adequately, but there is alot of pedal travel due to the auto-adjusters in the rear drums not doing their jobs. Luckily (again) there is a Scirocco rear brake setup in a box included, add Scirocco 16v front brakes for a good time.
-No carpet, took it out when I fixed the passenger side floor pan, then the sunroof started leaking.
-Seats are crap. I think they are from an Audi Quattro, but that doesn’t matter as they’re NFG anyway, Recaro Trophy seats would be nice if the car was water tight. The rear seat is out and never fit very well, probably out of that same Audi.
-Paint was done by Diamond Autobody, not very well. I’m having oxidized black paint flake off of the A-pillars, exposing shiny black VW paint underneath. Paint should be done all at once anyway once the rust is addressed.
-Aircon is inop due to the serpentine belt conversion, but I do have the evaporator core in with all the parts.
-Has a dealer installed sunroof, which needs to go into the trash. AC cars were non-sunroof, but back in the day, suckers would pay the dealership to have one of the service monkeys hack a hole in the roof and install a garbage quality sunroof hatch that you now (or ever) cannot find parts for. I have a roof skin off of a junk car that a patch can be made from.
-Roof liner is out of the car for the time being, but included with, will make a good template for making one without a giant hole in it.
-Odometer is questionable, When I bought the car it displayed 114k miles and was working, but stopped shortly after. I fixed it, and kept it as accurate as I could, but being VDO, it is meaningless.

-Since I posted this on VWvortex it has developed a crank signal issue with the ECU, so it no longer is running. My solution would be to repin the Ampseal connector for the ECU and just run a microsquirt, but again the abundance of projects and life stuff getting in the way prevents me from accomplishing this now.

-It's been sitting outside and the weather has not been nice to it, the paint looks extra crap now and I've taped up the sunroof to mitigate the water ingress.


The blue one is setup for SCCA IT-B, and does not have a title (but has a logbook). The engine is relatively fresh, done up at Atlantic Autoworks. Sounds really good,  much more energetic exhaust note than the street car ever had.
Good stuff:
-6pt IT legal roll cage
-fully functional Bosch CIS fuel injection system (has never seen pump gas with ethanol)
-4 into 1 header
-Carerra shocks
-coilover springs
-heavy rear sway bar
-camber plates
-OPM clutch type limited slip differential
-all new polyurethane engine mounts
-Paget aluminum racing seat
-multiple sets of wheels (14x6 ATS snowflakes)
-very extensive spares package, more than I can list here. You will be able to fill a van completely with the spare parts that come with these two cars.

-New battery

-Fuel tank is now back in the car and plumbed/running as it was when I first got it

-fuel system at the tank finalized. When I originally bought this car it had a large ~3gal surge tank mounted in the spare tire well with facet clicker pumps feeding it from the main fuel tank, and the high pressure pump feeding off of the surge tank. The lines to and from are all rubber, and I don’t like having fuel inside the car with me. So the car comes with an extra tank with a sump mounted to the bottom of it with -8AN fittings from which you can run feed and return from the main system via the high pressure pump… Without having fuel lines inside the car.
-Needs paint and TLC. it is ratty looking, and needs some body work to look good. Someone at some point painted the dashboard white, which generates a large amount of glare. Scotch brite and black flocking would fix this.
-Could use a more well thought out exhaust system.
-some rust at the top of the C-pillars and around the base of the windshield… Not a difficult thing to fix if you’re stripping and painting anyway.

There you have it, a MKI VW starter kit, nearly everything you need to have a street and a race MK1 GTI. I have probably forgotten to list a few things, If any extra info or pictures are desired, let me know and I will supply.

$4500 is my asking price for everything. You will need a trailer and a truck to transport everything. They are located in West Palm Beach, FL.
Now $2500. The race car runs now, but the street car has developed a crank signal issue with the ECU and will not run without some time investment into fixing the problem, which I do not have.


I really need these gone by the end of the year. One of two things will likely start happening by then,  I will either be moving or cleaning out/setting up a more capable workspace in my garage. Being that as it is, I am motivated here and can help transport the cars if needed (within reason). I have a 16ft open trailer and a Suburban.

pictures here

They were even featured in a VW Vortex article...

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
10/17/19 5:50 p.m.


Brett_Murphy UltimaDork
10/18/19 12:09 p.m.

 Bumping because I love old GTIs and I'm sure somebody is going to have to panic buy a Challenge package in the next day or so.

pizzaman1 Reader
10/22/19 10:39 p.m.

Still available?

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
10/25/19 5:05 p.m.

Yep, still available.

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
10/30/19 6:45 p.m.


FirebladeRX7 New Reader
11/11/19 6:08 p.m.

They still need a new home...

accordionfolder Dork
11/12/19 7:32 a.m.

I would already have these, but you're a long way from TN. I wonder what shipping is like.

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
11/12/19 5:39 p.m.

I had another interested party in Wisconsin, but he backed out due to logistical constraints. Basically we were talking about flying him down here, renting a pair of pickups and u-haul trailers, driving the pair and all the parts up there, and I fly back... But Florida to Wisconsin with connecting flights is a long ordeal.

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
11/22/19 8:52 a.m.

I would also trade for a motorcycle...

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
12/6/19 7:38 p.m.

still have them....

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
12/18/19 6:39 p.m.


xflowgolf SuperDork
12/19/19 10:17 a.m.

I'm glad this is as far away as it is.  :)  good luck!  

Pete Gossett
Pete Gossett MegaDork
12/19/19 1:10 p.m.

In reply to xflowgolf :

Agreed. If these were in Pensacola instead of West Palm Beach I’d be in trouble. 

FirebladeRX7 New Reader
12/20/19 6:42 p.m.

In reply to Pete Gossett :

Pensacola isn't terribly far. certainly closer than Wisconsin. I went all the way up to Ashland Virginia to pick up a H-production CRX, transport assistance can be arranged. I really need to find a new home for these, I've got a first gen RX7 I can't get to because it's surrounded by Volkswagens.

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