Tom Suddard
Tom Suddard Digital Experience Director
8/13/18 11:58 a.m.

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Story by David S. Wallens • Photography Courtesy Respective Manufacturers

Everyone wants a deal. Even Warren Buffett is always looking for one, and he’s loaded.

Making a…

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thegreentreefrog New Reader
8/15/18 12:26 p.m.

Bad Choices! 

I like your magizine but hated the Classic News article from the Pebble Beach Chairman that the TRUMP TARRIFS will ruin the hobby.

I feel so bad for Millionairs like him . Maybe he should spent some of that STOCK MARKET money that Trumps policies helped boost his net worth? Cry babies like him are becoming the norm today..

Try to keep political options like his out of your Magazine.




AaronBalto Reader
8/15/18 3:09 p.m.

Tariffs is spelled with one "r" and two "f's."

As in "Nobody gives two F's about your politics."

Now, about that Alfa...

8/23/18 7:22 p.m.

I like this list as a starting point, but definitely think others are contenders for collection, and still affordable. Case in point: 

2008-09 Porsche Cayenne GTS manual. Only 130+ made. More rare than most on this list. I picked one up for 18k.

2006 White Honda s2000 with black interior. Very few made in this color combo and the only year it came like this.  10k-20k.

2008 Honda s2000 CR or 2009 s2000. Pick up any CR or final year production of s2000s. I should have kept mine. They're already selling for 5-7k above what I sold mine. Especially the ' can actually count the vin number. Only made a few hundred (or less) in its final year.

2011-2014 Cadillac Cts-v wagon manual. Although a tad on the higher side, they have dipped into the $40's occasionally....if that's still considered affordable. But, they're still collectable. 

Are you strictly sticking to affordable "exotic" cars or any future collectable? I wouldn't put the 996 TT only without mentioning the 997 TT.  Looks weren't as debatable and argumentative with the purists like the 996 did. Plus, the mezger engine was at it's prime towards the end of the 997.2 era. Very few issues and rock solid. 

Either way, I love all the cars on the list. Good stuff!

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