9/27/21 9:49 a.m.

Hello! I have some questions for owners of hybrid vehicles. I am trying to decide between a few different cars, two of them being a corolla hybrid and a normal corolla.

One thing to note is that for the hybrid corolla, there is only 2020+. I am considering a normal Corolla any year 2017 and above, so the gas car would potentially be ~$6K cheaper than the hybrid.

  • Are there any perks to having a hybrid car that aren't price related? From what I can think of, you fill in gas less frequently, a little more range from each trip, quiet startup and quiet at low speeds.

  • This one is important to me: As I understand it, when a gas car is in idle, the engine is on all the time. When a hybrid is in idle, the engine turns on only to charge the battery. My question is, what percent of the time is the engine on when a hybrid car is in idle, and how much less gas would it use in idle compared to a gas car? I read an article saying that idling in a gas car is bad, but in a hybrid it is okay. Is this true, and if so, why??

  • I am reading conflicting reports on acceleration. Some say acceleration in the hybrid is better, some say the performance is worse. Generally, how is hybrid acceleration? Is it better because of the electric motor or does it make no difference?

  • Same thing with maintenance and reliability, I keep reading conflicting things: Is it more reliable because it doesn't have some of the parts that the gas engine requires, or is it less reliable because it has the battery/electric motor on top of the gas one?

Thank you!

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