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Ransom PowerDork
10/16/18 8:30 a.m.

I'd love to have gotten the chance to drive a sorted Spitfire (or Midget, for that matter) for that least-amount-of-car experience, but I think the MGB is going to be a more usable size. It wasn't 'til I actually got into a Spitfire that I realized quite how small they really are, even though it was pretty comfy once in. I think 6' tall works okay, but it'd have worked better when I was 160lb as opposed to 190lb...

I'd like to develop the car as something really *good* as a street car (including the other half of the household enjoying it), track day car, and autocrosser, with an openness to whatever level of tinkering and fabrication it takes. I came in with a lot of thoughts about developing a proper rear suspension for the Spit (I know, people have developed the existing stuff to work well for what it is, but it's all pretty problematic in its basic layout), and now I've got a few ideas for MGB updates.

Still having trouble getting a look at a decent example. Over the weekend drove a '79 that had been switched to a downdraft Weber, and due to some combination of tuning and sitting, idled stinky rich but wouldn't really take much throttle without popping and banging (and had a so-so respray showing some renewed bubbling next to the character line atop the rear fenders). Then looked at a '78 yesterday, and got all excited that it had been swapped back to dual SUs (with a hinky exhaust tubing air cleaner log thing), but it was being sold for a client by a detailer and had a flat battery, and he wasn't interesting in doing anything about that. Which is fine, but the full text of the ad was "ready for you to go play," which to me suggests starting and running. Grump grump grump.

dherr HalfDork
10/16/18 10:57 a.m.

I would look for a pre 75 MGB as they are lower, have better handling and still have dual SU carbs. MGB sounds like the better choice for your needs and you should be able to easily find one. The rubber bumper cars are okay, but typically smogged to death and with the increased bumper height do not handle as well. You can fix both, but you may also prefer the chrome bumper look of the earlier cars. With that said, find one that is as rust free as possible, as since they are unit body cars, hidden rust is a major structural issue on these cars.

Find a solid one and you should have an excellent platform for your plans.

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