12/25/19 12:45 p.m.

Hello all,

I'm 16 and looking to restore a muscle car for grad.  Near where I live I keep passing this 1970 Ford Torino GT sitting outside this guys trailer.  There has been some patchwork done to the body and its missing the grill, but as far as I know, its got a 390 and all the goodies to go with it under the hood.   Im hoping I can get a decent deal on it and have enough time to fix it up before grad.  Is this car plausible for my first muscle car, or should I go looking somewhere else?

Gearheadotaku UltimaDork
12/29/19 7:53 p.m.

While the Torino can be cool, body and trim parts can be hard to find. Not popular enough for reproduction parts or a big aftermarket following. Sure, you can make it go down the road, mechanical bits should be easy to get. But making it "pretty" could get very expensive. 

Curtis UltimaDork
12/30/19 11:54 a.m.

It's a fine platform to start with.  The 390 has a cult following.  It's not as cheap or easy to find parts, but the good news is that it has value.  You could always sell it for good money and buy a dime-a-dozen 460 or 351 and drop it in.

The Torino wasn't really considered a "muscle" car, but it is very capable of being a fast, fun cruiser.

Bottom line, if you like it, do it.  My first "muscle" was a 66 Bonneville.  Not muscle at all, but a Caddy 500 swap made it darn quick.

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