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ddavidv SuperDork
1/28/11 5:41 a.m.

1974 was indeed the last year for the chrome bumpers on Fiat 124 Spiders. I wrote this history several years ago.

I chose the Capri. '74 wasn't the best year for one of those, but I really regret having sold my '72 V6 project way back when. I've driven enough of them to know what a great car they are. I've had a BMW 2002, and it's a good car, but the Capri just 'fits' me better. Didn't like the Mazda 808 I drove so not sure I'd dig the RX-3. Sonnetts are cool but not really practical. The Vega and Stag I'd take if it were free. Maybe.

LaurentGT6 New Reader
1/29/11 2:23 p.m.

My first car was a 74 but I will never considered it as a classic.

That was back in 78. Mine was blue with a black top. It had a 400 CI in it and it was free. Couldn't complain.

Back to the subject. It will be between an Alfa Romeo GTV or the BMW 2002tii.


wlkelley3 Dork
1/31/11 11:22 a.m.

If the 2002 wouldn't have been on the list, I would have gone for the Cosworth Vega. But have always wanted a 2002 since about 1972 anyway. Know what I know about Vega's in general didn't help but the Coswarth part would make it worth it.

69cuda None
2/6/11 5:02 p.m.

Back then the Jensen Healey. Now who knows.

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