Alan Cesar
Alan Cesar Dork
7/29/13 4:12 p.m.


• The Limited Edition model added alloy wheels, side stripes and a front spoiler.

• It’s the practical choice for a fun daily driver.

• All the complaints levied at them can be easily corrected.

It’s easy to hate on the so-called rubber-bumper MGB. Smog laws choke its engine, headlight …

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pwbag New Reader
5/8/19 9:13 p.m.

How about painting the front snouts.?  Single  45 DCOE, somebody has a "head" for it?. Little better cam, Tejas, probably other states it beyond the "testing"?

would love some thoughts? Out side the box or a direction to a web sight . 

Keep me from  a Miata   or Alfa,










wspohn Dork
5/11/19 12:19 p.m.

Bit more to bringing the rubber bunper cars up to the stock level of the earlier cars. Need new cam, pistons, valve springs, twin carbs with manifold, exhaust manifold and downpipe, and extensive suspension revamping.  And if you spend all that money, you are just back to the starting point of the early cars.

Trade off is that the chrome bumper cars likely need significant money spent on derusting, so.....

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