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5/26/22 12:31 p.m.

And so Much More

Don’t miss valuable track time waiting on a fresh set of wheels and tires. Our Track Season Sale is ongoing now. Save up to 25% off[/b] a huge variety of in-stock fitments.

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The Discounts

Sprint Line EC-7RS: 10% off



A Classic Reborn. The EC-7RS is a re-imagined and optimized version of our classic mesh EC-7. With the stiffest spokes of our new Sprint Line Forged offerings and a new Sprint-Spec inner lip, now is a great time to make up for missing our recently closed Group Buy and pre-order a set of these new wheels. 

Classic Forged: Up to 20% off



Forged Classic Line.

Our original forged wheels. Stronger than our Sprint wheels in terms of load rating but lighter than our Flow Formed wheels. For drivers seeking a balance between weight and strength.

APEX Flow Formed: Up to 25% off



Our most popular wheels. Our original Flow Formed classic ARC-8 and EC-7 wheels and Evolution line SM-10 and FL-5 designs are all heavily represented in this sale. Every diameter we currently produce and a wide array of sizes and offsets are discounted bringing even more value to our most affordable wheel lines.

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Ready to Ship

The majority of these wheels are in stock and ready to ship. Don’t let the supply strain struggles wrought by COVID delay your build and cost valuable track time. Get your wheels on the way now to make planning and tire sourcing easier than ever. 

Chassis-Specific Fitment Guides


We know what fits. From direct bolt-on to all-out race fitments and everything in between. We've street and track tested extensively to save you the trial-and-error. 

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Not the wheels you’re looking for? We’re kicking off Track Season with a bang. Click here to view all our wheel options by chassis.

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APEXWheels New Reader
5/26/22 12:44 p.m.

We have a limited supply of specific tire sizes in stock and ready to ship! If you are interested in any of the tire options listed below, please email expert@apexraceparts.com with “Tire Discount” as part of the email subject. We can provide additional discounts on wheel and tire packages with these tire sizes or in some cases we can make a one-time exception to our standard ordering rules and ship tires without wheels! Please reach out for package and shipping quotes if you’re interested.

Nitto NT01 235/40-17:   8 Tires
Nitto NT01 245/40-17:  15 Tires
Nitto NT01 315/30-18:   9 tires

1 set Michelin PS4S:
Front: 235/40-18 
Rear: 265/35-18

We are not able to order any tires that are currently out of stock on our website. This offer does not apply to tire fitments outside of the above list.

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