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Tom Heath
Tom Heath Web Manager
10/10/11 3:38 p.m.
JoeyM wrote: fair enough....you have to admit, though, that it is suspicious when a first post for a new user is a link to a business.

Yeah, and you're usually 100% right, but when it's in good taste and context with the thread, it earns a pass. Handbags or Ugg boots, yes. A new thread for a motorsports product nobody asked for, yes. Responding to a genuine need expressed in the thread, not so much.

Carry on...

Dusterbd13 Reader
10/10/11 6:31 p.m.


the ultimate super beetle build.

i have nothing else to contribite to th thread other than this, and my opinion. i had a superbeetle convertable. i would NOT weant to autocross anything that handled and stopped that badly.

now a friend of mine is college had a sedan superbettle, tweaked. sounded and handled like a pissed off harley. fun car, though.


carwhisperer Reader
9/28/19 10:09 p.m.
grimmelshanks said:

you could be proposing autoxing an f350, and around here youll get many yesses


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