dean1484 Dork
3/19/10 9:07 p.m.

I am sure it has been posted before but it is a very useful chart.

dean1484 Dork
3/20/10 8:11 a.m.

One of those things I stumble on when I don't need it and when I am looking for it I can not seem to find it.

JoeTR6 New Reader
3/20/10 9:36 p.m.

Bookmarked. I'm going to need that soon. Thanks.

pres589 Reader
3/20/10 9:48 p.m.

I read about how the one guy requested code added in to the Microsquirt firmware to get his VTR covered, is that a common thing for the community of developers to do for someone?

dean1484 Dork
3/21/10 7:53 a.m.

Common.... Hmmm Hard to say. I am betting that he has a need that was something that others had been working on and was used to meet his need for the TVR. Or it was a need that was close to that of something that was already out there and some one just tweet it. It is hard to say with out knowing what it was but since this is open source ya it is possible.

Speaking of that my MSII just arrived so now I have to really get serious about leaning this. I have read the megamanual 2x already and I am still intimidated by this I figured that if I did not actually have one staring at me I would never hunker down and learn this stuff. Kind of like diving in and then looking for the life jacket. When I get my act together I am going to start a thread some where documenting my MS experience. Starting with my research and how I ended up with the unit I did. Installation, tuning and.. . ..And?

The other thing I wish is that the megamanual had more photos. I am a "visual learner" and photos would be very helpful.

We will see.

My project is to install this unit on a 924s using a spare DME and wiring it through that / in that and the instead of using the stock ignition (ms does not play nice with the VR sensors that are used). This is being worked on but so far no solutions that I have seen. I have converted the ignition to a cam fired EDIS system from a 93 escourt (aready in place and running)

The purpose of this whole thing is..

  1. To learn and have fun.
  2. Get rid of the $150 - 200 bill you have when you change the cap rotor and wires
  3. Get rid of th speed and reference sensors ($150 a pair for BMW re6placements $300 for Porsche OEM)
  4. Allow for forced induction down the road

Anyway I have babbled on way to much as usual.

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