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Tom Suddard
Tom Suddard Director of Marketing & Digital Assets
10/12/19 10:28 a.m.

In reply to tooms351 :

Yeah, my truck has a GVWR of 8800 lbs. and a GCWR of 16,500 lbs. It weighs about 6200 lbs. empty with no tailgate and me in it. This slide-in supposedly weighs 1900 lbs. wet, which means I'll have just barely enough weight left to carry the tongue weight of a single-car trailer. Going to be cutting it close but the math should work. And I've got air springs! 

tooms351 Reader
10/12/19 11:58 a.m.

I had a 99 lance 1010 and that tubby had to weigh 4000lbs, no problem for a dually. I don't mind downsizing the camper but it's got to have a shower! 


Wayslow HalfDork
10/12/19 4:25 p.m.

We have a 2006 version of your truck but with an auto transmission. Towing a gooseneck 3 horse trailer, with living quarters, up Mt Washington I managed to get the mileage down to 0.7 MPG.  Overall the gas mileage has been about on par with our old 4.6l F150 when it come to hauling. It’s just so much more effortless. 

 I wish my truck was anywhere near as rust free as yours. I’m actively searching for a box for mine since it slowly returning to the earth from whence it came.

rdcyclist Reader
2/26/20 9:32 a.m.

This subject is very timely for me. I'm looking for a 250/2500 RWD single/extended cab with cruise and the three power things (windows, locks and mirrors) in the six to nine large price range. Something less than 150k on the clock would be nice. Out here in California, about 90% of the trucks are Crew Cab 4x4's. The RWD non-CC trucks are usually work trucks with no power options and they've been beat to death.

I'll just have to be patient, which is not my strong suit...

Wayslow said:

[edit] I managed to get the mileage down to 0.7 MPG.  [/edit].

Wow, 0.7mpg is pretty horrible...laugh

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