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dj06482 UltraDork
4/12/19 9:52 p.m.

My parents mentioned their C4 Vette is far cheaper to insure than their '02 Mustang GT. From all the mentions so far, seems like the Vette is the winner!

A 401 CJ
A 401 CJ Dork
4/12/19 9:53 p.m.

C5 Corvette Z06 has a crazy low insurance rate for me.  I would imagine a C6Z would too.  But I’m a 49 year old with a clean driving record in an insurance friendly local.  YMMV.  

snailmont5oh Dork
4/22/19 5:30 p.m.
Erich said:
dean1484 said:
snailmont5oh said:
Appleseed said:

05 and 06 (I think those ar the years)  Honda Accord with the 6MT. Someone here just bough a cherry one and its a total sleeper.

I knew a guy that built a stroker version of one of those out of factory parts. After it was tuned, it made 350 at the wheels, and could run lock step with my 347 Fairmont from 40 to 140. I was impressed. 

Is there a build on the web some place about that?   That is something that I would really like to know more about. 

I too would like to know more...

Until this got resurrected, I hadn't seen these.  My apologies for the delay. I don't think that there is a page/site, and the builder is no longer with us, but this is what I was able to find out:

The  "Geishauser Build"

Base engine: J35 3.5L Honda Odyssey block
Acura TL Type-S 3.7L crank and rods
J35 pistons. Actual displacement, 3.6L
J37 Dual-VTec heads (possibly the only known person to have done this as yet)
J37 Intake upper manifold and ported lower
Pre-cat deletes
J-pipe header merge
Electric cut-out

11.7:1 compression estimated, made 328/290 on 93.

If you have specific questions, feel free to ask, and I'll see what I can find out. 

Streetwiseguy MegaDork
4/22/19 6:49 p.m.

Back in the early 80s, I was mildly offended that my Z28 Camaro was $600 a year for full coverage, while the 308 gts in town was $400.  Then the owner of the Ferrari slid it across a sidewalk, and knocked some suspension parts out of it.  Rates seemed much more fair the following year.

Not because the Camaro went down.

penultimeta HalfDork
4/23/19 8:43 a.m.

Just to echo what's already been said: insurance rates have little to do with the car in theory and have everything to do with past claims on the specific car or type of car. This is the purpose of actuaries. 

Mr. Lee
Mr. Lee PowerDork
5/9/19 4:22 p.m.

Yeah, we recently traded in our IM for a new Corolla, and our insurance actually went up with more nannies on board. It's all linked to the type of people who purchase that vehicle type. 

Byrneon27 Reader
6/17/21 1:11 p.m.

Squeaky clean record here, 30, live in Suburban York PA had a tendency to park my Corvette on the street with the roof off... Base C5 a little cheaper to insure than the 335i 335i WAY faster. The most expensive car to insure in my fleet right now unsurprisingly is the GSR... 

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