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Fueled by Caffeine
Fueled by Caffeine MegaDork
5/19/20 9:07 a.m.

In reply to P3PPY :

In the past I used a butt connector to do the adjustment.  Just find one that fits, push it on and turn it.  It's janky at best, but works.  

bobzilla MegaDork
5/19/20 9:10 a.m.

we bought a MacCoullough 3516 back in 2002. It gets used at least once a year for the last 18 years. Fresh gas, replaced the plug twice and has had 3 chains and is on it's second bar. These just don't exist anymore but it's been such a beast. We had an even older McCullough as a kid. It had a 24" bar and weighed 4 million pounds. We used it for a decade before we quit cutting wood for heat. 

03Panther Reader
5/19/20 3:56 p.m.
Fueled by Caffeine said:

In reply to P3PPY :

the cheaper saws are super lean from the factory. Fatten then up so they burbble at full throttle but not under load at full throttle and you'll be fine. 


The higher end saws come from the factory super lean, as well; unless ya buy from a place that has ran it some, and tuned it in before you buy it! And that is starting to get tricky for the good shops, cause the factory limiters will usually not allow it to go rich enough ... and it’s against the law for a shop to remove them!

I've heard the newer “strato” saws with an rpm limiter sound different, as well. Make sense, but no personal experience there. 

03Panther Reader
5/19/20 4:04 p.m.
stukndapast said

There are chaps that are made specifically for electric chain saws.  The torque characteristics of an electric motor vs a gas engine are totally different and a chap designed to stop the chain of a gas engine won't necessarily stop an electric chainsaw.  Just look for the appropriate certification depending on what sort of saw you use.  That being said, any chap is better than none.  Denim or canvas is no match for any sort of chainsaw.

That’s why I pointed out that the torque of the electric was different than the high revin ‘ 2-strokes... don’t have any experience with the cordless saws, so didn’t know they make chaps for them. Good to know. Maybe by the time I can afford the cordless saw I want, the box stores that sell most of ‘em, will have chaps for them too!

03Panther Reader
5/19/20 4:28 p.m.

In reply to bobzilla :

Gotta ask if I read that wrong? 3 chains... and 2 bars? My chains ain’t lasting long enough!!! I’ve damaged bars ( I’m super hard on saws!) but never wore one out. smiley

GaroldCrash New Reader
11/3/21 4:32 p.m.

Check out the Makita. I think it's a great company.

5/17/22 3:52 a.m.

best chainsaw is stihl chainsaw.

Asphalt_Gundam Reader
5/17/22 12:57 p.m.

I just recently bought a New ECHO Timber wolf. 18" bar and the 59.x cc engine. Have used it a few hours now and its hands down the nicest chainsaw ever used. Some of that may be due to using other people's saws of various and unknown condition but damn does it cut! Rarely bogs down or hangs up. Got it on recommendation from my neighbor who runs a tree service and they have a few that have lasted several years being used every day. For under $500 out the door with oils and sharpening file it's a great deal IMO. 

Noddaz UberDork
5/17/22 3:18 p.m.


dj06482 (Forum Supporter)
dj06482 (Forum Supporter) UltraDork
5/17/22 10:58 p.m.

In addition to my 15 year old Stihl Farm Boss, I picked up a Milwaukee M18 and love it. Best part is I can be out cutting like crazy at 6 AM and none of the neighbors can hear me!

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