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Hoondavan Dork
6/22/24 1:17 p.m.

I was feeling like I had the Uber thing pretty dialed in.  $1800 in March, $1800 in April.   I didn't drive much in May, but I made +$600 driving over memorial day weekend earning north of $60/hour (pre-expense/tax).  

Ride share groups I follow all say Florida goes Dead after the winter.  I actually figured I'd do better in the summer because I'm at the beach & there are lots of beach tourists.  Well, I was at least partially wrong. There may be a decent amount of PAX (passengers), but there are 10x more drivers.  I'm not sure if it's just teachers trying to make a few extra bucks, or just generally more people trying to do what I'm doing...but in the last few weeks pay per mile/minute seems at least 30% lower...when you actually can get a ride.  As a PAX Uber is offering me a 30% discount promotion. 

The last few times I've tried to drive has been mostly a bust.  Lots of waiting.  I've been trying to adjust my strategy.  Even if the map shows it's busy, I always look to see how many XL drivers are out and where they are.  A random weeknight can be more productive than a Friday night just due to the competition.  If I do decide to drive on a weeknight I bring my laptop.  I mostly limit my rides to XL only because X rides that are more than 5 minutes long don't pay.  The people that tip either order an XL for extra room or Comfort.  Many X passengers are just looking for the cheapest A to B.   Last night I drove from 10:30 till midnight and turned on X rides because I got tired of waiting around & there were TONS of drivers out.  

In one aspect, It's an efficient display of how a free market should work.  Customers are more likely to take an Uber when it's cheap.  If there are tons of drivers willing to spend their time, gas $ and lend their vehicle to Uber for <$20/hour...then that's what the job is worth.  There's another dynamic that's going to cause issues.  Uber is now turning a profit.  They get more profitable by gouging customers and pushing down driver pay/benefits.  They've consistently done both.  As a regular passenger, I've had a few frustrating experiences where I requested a premium/comfort ride & the app couldn't connect me with a driver (RE: no driver would take the ride for what Uber was willing to pay them).  Clearly, of the $50 they were charging me, they couldn't find a driver to do the ride for $20 and their algorythm wouldn't bump up the pay enough to get me a ride.   

This works for me becasue my 2008 mininvan has 191k miles and as long as it's driving cannot depreciate.  I cherry-pick shorter rides so gas isn't much of a factor.  My van will age-out of Uber eligibility in 6 months.  I'm hoping we can change some things so I can either quit driving or limit my driving to when I'm bored or it's really busy/lucrative.  Frankly, the money has made a big impact.  I'm pretty sure in the next month or so we won't have to rely on the Uber earnings.



jfryjfry UltraDork
6/22/24 4:50 p.m.

Go to the wealthy area of town the night before trash pickup or, even better, the night before the large item/cleanup trash day.   I don't purposefully do it but I've happened upon some good finds on those days in those neighborhoods.  

some of my finds:

a lawnmower (needed a $1 jet, 20 mins of work, sold for $60), baby stroller (5 mins and sold for $40), a set of new factory Toyota Tacoma wheels (5 mins, $400)

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