DarkMonohue HalfDork
5/7/22 1:09 a.m.

Many of you are aware of  Hungary Bill's Ukrainian Refugee Assistance thread.  I'm selling off a few things to help fund that effort.  I'll try to keep the first post here updated with new items as I unearth them and will mark them as sold as and when someone here claims them.  Any items that don't generate interest here will move on to the online auction site.  Granted, some of this stuff is not sports car oriented, but this crowd has some pretty diverse interests.

PayPal is preferred, but I am willing to entertain other payment methods.  If you see something you want, please shoot me a PM with your email address and I'll send a PayPal invoice or whatever.  Shipping will typically be by USPS Parcel Post or Priority Mail, whichever makes more sense.

1. Cornwell 9-Piece 3/8" drive metric triple square bit driver set CBSM92TSS - SOLD!  Very little use, all bits clean and sharp.  I no longer work on German cars and just don't have a use for these.


2. Hi-LiftJack bracket kit 4XRAC - $25 SHIPPED.  Brackets are apparently used, but appear to be in great shape.  No bracket mounting hardware is included.


3. Federal Pro Series spark plug wire set for AMC - $25 SHIPPED.  Listed for AMC V8 from 1976 to 1991.  


4.  Rugged Ridge tail lamp set for 1976-1980 Jeep CJ - $75 SHIPPED.  NIB left and right lamps.  Includes extra lens (appears new but slightly shopworn) shown.  Tail light guards shown below are SOLD.


5. Crown windshield wiper motor for 1976-1983 Jeep CJ - $60 SHIPPED.  Made in USA.  NIB.  Part number 5453956.


I will try to post more tomorrow.  Thanks for giving this a look.


DarkMonohue HalfDork
5/8/22 6:51 p.m.

6. Omix-Ada wiper motor link for 1976-1986 Jeep CJ - $20 SHIPPED or $10 if purchased with wiper motor above.


7. Rugged Ridge fuel sending unit and Equus fuel gauge for 1970-1986 Jeep CJ - $40 SHIPPED.  Includes fuel pickup strainer, o-ring, locking ring, and gauge bracket.  Part numbers 17724.09 and 7361 respectively.


8. Midwest Equipment Specialties hood lock for 1972-1986 Jeep CJ - $30 SHIPPED.  New w/ two keys.


9. Kentrol stainless teel glove box door for 1972-1986 Jeep CJ - $25 SHIPPED.  Used w/ some light scratches.  Includes pushbutton latch.


10. Mr. Gasket spark plug wire separators - $15 SHIPPED.  Part number 6015.  Please note these are competition spark plug wire separators and may present danger to manifold if used outside of sanctioned spark plug wire competitions.


11. Hella 450 rectangular driving light kit - SOLD.  Part number 73109.  NIB with covers, wiring harness, instructions, etc.  Genuine Hella, made in genuine Germany.


12.  Embossed copper exhaust manifold gaskets for Toyota 4A-GE - $40 SHIPPED.  Expensive, but they can be reused indefinitely.  These are very best header gaskets I could have made.  Private label product made in the USA exclusively for a business I was involved with in a previous life.  Fits all 16V and 20V 4AGE variants.  Port size is a generous 35mm.  Ten gaskets available.


That's about it for now.  Hopefully someone here can use this stuff and we can generate a little cash to help some people who need it.  Otherwise it's going up on the auction.

Again, thanks for taking a look.

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