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In The July 2012 issue

Rising Suns

Japanese cars: Is it time to call them classics?

Featured articles
  • Made In Japan | No one doubts the collectible status of vintage machines from Europe, but collectors have often scoffed at comparable cars from farther East.
  • The Ultimate Allard | “Specially designed for the competition motorist,” this Cobra-powered Allard J2 earns its title.
  • Road Royalty | We compare two favorites from Mercedes: the 300SL and the 190SL. Which one is better, the world’s greatest road car or its cult-classic sibling?
  • Model Mania | Explore Dave Shearsbey’s collection of tens of thousands of model cars.
  • Shelby GT350 Project | Chapter 5: Wrapping up the build and attacking the Texas 1000 rally.
  • Chevy Corvair Project | Chapter 2: We form a plan of action and spend a weekend tackling some of our Corvair’s more glaring problems.
  • BMW 2002tii Project | Chapter 4: Figuratively speaking, we’ve rounded the Horn of Africa with this project’s course and are sailing our little BMW to its final destination.
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