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In The March 2013 issue

Aging Gracefully

How to preserve or create your classic's patina

Featured articles
  • Aging Gracefully | Patina: How to define it, spot it and preserve it.
  • Amelia Island Concours | Don’t miss a thing while experiencing the famed North Florida concours.
  • Striking a Balance | Did our Shelby have true patina, or was it simply a rat? Either way, it needed work.
  • Triumph TR250K | Could this wedge-shaped Triumph have actually saved the famed British marque?
  • Wheels | If you’re going to drive an older car, it should have period-correct wheels, right?
  • Corvair | Part 6: Wrapping up our Corvair project—redoing the interior, adding stripes, and adding finishing touches.
  • Twin Carbs | Why have one carburetor when two can be oh so much better?
  • MG Tech Tips | Simple care and feeding tips for the fun little roadster.
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