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In The November 2016 issue

Driving the Dream Jags

Jaguar wants to hand you the keys to some of its most iconic cars.

Featured articles
  • Living Legends | Over in the U.K., Jaguar is offering car lovers the chance to get behind the wheel of its most famous performance classics, courtesy of the new Jaguar Classic Track Experience.
  • 100-Point Spitfire | A Triumph that proves even humble designs can possess Pebble Beachworthy elegance.
  • Project Triumphant Return | Chapter 2: Rebuilding our TR3’s drivetrain.
  • Spray Detailer Shootout | 15 products face off: Which ones impressed a master detailing specialist? (Hint: not the most expensive option.)
  • Never Change Your Coolant Again? | This game-changing coolant alternative removes water from the equation.
  • Whirlwind Romance | Our Tornado Typhoon reunites with its original owner–and the woman he charmed with it.
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