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In The January 2019 issue

Best of the Best

Our inaugural Classies recognize the classic sports car world’s top products, shops, events and more.

Featured articles
  • The Classies | We polled our readers about their favorite cars, clubs, products and more. Here are the winners.
  • Wide-Open Benz T80 | An 80-year-old design that could still beat the wheel-driven land-speed record today–if it were ever finished.
  • Star Quality | The Alfa Romeo Montreal has the style and the sound, but where’s the glory?
  • Why Not a Targa? | Is the open-top Porsche 911 today’s best value?
  • Simple Chassis Alignment | Let’s get those wheels pointed the right way.
  • Gearhead Gift Guide | 18 holiday gift ideas for classic car fans young and old.
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