Red-over-Biscuit Triumph TR6 | Car Catcher

Noted as having an “excellent body and frame with no rust,” this TR6 also features a rebuilt front suspension.

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Vintage racing prepped Triumph TR4 with spares | Car Catcher

Equipped with pretty much everything you need to go vintage racing–including spares.

Remembering Triumph, Nissan Racing Boss Kas Kastner

Kas Kastner helped put Triumph and Nissan in victory lane.

Car Catcher: A British Racing Green Triumph TR3A

This BRG Triumph TR3A even comes with a racing cockpit tonneau cover.

Car Catcher: An Earlier-Model-Year Triumph TR6 With Overdrive

This 1971 Triumph TR6 for sale comes with optional overdrive, three SU carburetors, front and rear sway bars, and chrome wire wheels.

Car Catcher: A Fully Prepared Triumph TR4 Vintage Racer

This TR4 is ready to go vintage racing straight out of the box.

Car Catcher: An Early Red Triumph TR4

This TR4 features a new generator and fuel hoses, as well as rebuilt brakes and front suspension.

Car Catcher: Recently Refreshed, Blue-Over-White Triumph TR6

This TR6 features a refreshed white interior as well as a rebuilt front and rear suspension.

Car Catcher: A Fully Refurbished, White Over Blue Triumph TR6

This Triumph TR6 is said to have “everything that needed repair or improvement” already addressed.

Car Catcher: A Recently Restored, British Racing Green Triumph TR4

This 1964 Triumph TR4 from British Sports Cars is said to have recently received a "very high-quality restoration."

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