A 1275cc Cooper S with Special Tuning Works Department camshaft | Car Catcher

This '67 Cooper S is said to be one of the 636 examples exported to the United States with the 1275cc engine, and comes equipped with Special Tuning Works Department …

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FIA 289 Cobra Continuation Car | Car Catcher

This Cobra, CSX7995, is one of the continuation cars built as part of the 50th anniversary of the FIA 289 Cobra.

Factory supercharged Lotus Elise SC | Car Catcher

How could Lotus possibly make the Elise any better? How about by adding a supercharger to the equation?

A modified Mark I Cooper S | Car Catcher

This Cooper S sports modifications like an engine bored out to 1380cc and an upgraded suspension.

So much gold and brown: A Selective Edition International Harvester Scout II | Car Catcher

This Scout II comes equipped with the “Selective Edition” package, which added features like gold-spoke wheels and gold accent stripes.

A ’67 Beetle fitted with a 1776cc engine | Car Catcher

This Beetle is ready to drive as is, or perfect for some light restoration projects.

A Slab Side Superformance Cobra Replica | Car Catcher

Since real Cobras are hard to come by, why not go with a faithful replica like this Superformance MKII?

Car Catcher: A Ford Mustang California Special

The Mustang GT/CS was the result of California dealerships asking Ford for a special model of their very own to sell.

One of only 50 Shelby Cobra 289 FIA continuation cars | Car Catcher

A rare continuation model based on the original Cobra 289 FIA.

’67 Volkswagen Beetle with later 1776cc engine | Car Catcher

Forget the 1593cc engine most '67 Beetles came with, this one features a later 1776cc unit instead.

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