How Belgium built the fast Beetle that Wolfsburg didn’t | Coming soon to an issue near you

Back in the '60s, if you wanted the fastest Beetle money could buy, you had to go to Belgium, not Germany.

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A VW Beetle ready to drive or restore | Car Catcher

Said to have been refurbished “about 10 years ago,” this Beetle could be the perfect first classic or an easier restoration project.

A ’67 Beetle fitted with a 1776cc engine | Car Catcher

This Beetle is ready to drive as is, or perfect for some light restoration projects.

’67 Volkswagen Beetle with later 1776cc engine | Car Catcher

Forget the 1593cc engine most '67 Beetles came with, this one features a later 1776cc unit instead.

Ready-to-be-enjoyed Volkswagen Beetle | Car Catcher

This road-ready Beetle comes upgraded with a larger 1776cc engine.

A clean Savanna Beige ’67 Beetle | Car Catcher

The result of an older restoration, this Savannah Beige Beetle comes powered by a 1776cc engine in place of the factory 1593cc powerplant.

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