The 2022 Concours d’ Lemons Smashes Records

By Tim Murray

The Concours d’ Lemons doesn’t really keep any records, but if they did, they would have been smashed this year with a record turnout of putrid, wretched oddities that makes the Lemons such a horrifying experience. The only well-oiled machine on the show field was the Hagerty-run registration desk whose beleaguered volunteers coughed and wheezed in the burnt-petroleum-meets-mesquite-smoke atmosphere that charitably obscured some of the entrants. (The cars, not the owners.)

Alan Galbraith and our own Tim Suddard led a ragtag group of judges who could only be described as incorrigible. The level of graft and corruption at this event makes Washington, D.C. lobbying look like amateur hour, and the veteran Lemons competitors shamelessly plied the judges with haute cuisine and potent potables in attempt to get them distracted enough not to look to closely at the pile of (in some cases literally) steaming detritus that was their entry.


This year’s (esteemed) judging field:

With the patter of ringmasters at a cheesy local carnival, Alan and Tim did their best to insult the participants and sponsors alike. For some reason, Griot’s Garage was there, but even their massive arsenal of products was not going to help these cars.

Many of the entrants this year were past winners, and one can only marvel at their appetite for humiliation. The Lincoln Town Car/Pony Ride was quite popular with the under 7-and-under crowd, while nearby a vintage ex-City of Paso Robles Chevy pickup doubled as a BBQ and helped contribute to the Eau d’ Lemons.

There were 17 “winners” this year, and here’s the list in its raw, unedited format, straight from the judges.

The coveted Worst of Show Award went to Dodi Khalil with his BMW 502 Baroque Angel. As Bimmerphiles know, the 502 is a truly rare and desirable car and this one at least met one of those criteria. Many of you may remember Dodi from Wayne Carini’s “Chasing Classic Cars” TV show where he has foisted various crapcans on Wayne, who has entered them in previous Lemons. How Dodi found this car and was able to actually drive it to the winner’s circle is a testament to insanity that is Concours d’ Lemons.

There may be some concours purists out there that find the Lemons offensive, but if you are truly a lover of all things automotive, you absolutely have to embrace what Alan’s amazingly offbeat mind has conceived. Not everyone can afford to restore a BMW 502, Mercury Bobcat, Fiat Cinquecento or Citroen 2CV to major concours level standards. Heck, a lot of us couldn’t afford the ticket to go see a car like that (okay maybe not just like Dodi’s car) at one of those events.


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Richard Richer
Richard Richer New Reader
8/22/22 11:19 a.m.

We want more pictures!

ralphtyrone New Reader
8/22/22 11:29 a.m.

this post is to Tim Suddard, re his story about the Quail. It would be nice if he can coloborate with the photographer , so as to show photos of the cars he mentions that won the awards.

Nred New Reader
8/23/22 12:09 p.m.

Yes, please, the pic of the Haggerty "Driving on a Prayer" winner!

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