Incredible tranformation: Lotus Elan Carburetors

Here’s what we sent Pierce Manifolds to rebuild.
And here is what we got back.

As we turned our attention back towards our project Lotus Elan‘s powerplant, we were hit with some good news: We did get the original Weber DCOE 40 carbs that were original to our car. The bad news is they were in rough shape. They looked like they had been out in the weather a long time. Since these carbs have become quite valuable and we want to keep this car as original as we can, we skipped the quick and easy route of buying new carbs and sent our original parts to Pierce Manifolds—the U.S. distributor for Weber—to have them rebuilt.

Pierce Manifolds owner Mike Pierce told us he had seen few carbs in worse shape than these. In addition to the corrosion, everything from a velocity stack to much of the linkage was frozen solid from years of neglect.

Still, the guys at Pierce were able to ultrasonically clean all of our parts, replace damaged parts with newly plated replacements and get our carbs looking and working like brand new.

We were so shocked at how good these carbs looked when they got back that we quickly looked for the serial numbers to make sure they hadn’t been replaced. Nope, Pierce Manifolds is that good at rebuilding Weber carbs.

It makes sense that if people trust them with vintage Ferrari carbs worth tens of thousands of dollars, than a couple of Elan carbs would not cause them much stress.

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CertifiedLotus New Reader
3/8/16 7:21 a.m.

Just goes to show what can be done when a knowledgable technician restores parts and components. Very nicely done!

HillbillyHeathen New Reader
3/22/16 11:47 a.m.

The folks @ Pierce (in Gilroy CA) are awesome. Also give a racer discount if you're racing at Laguna 'soon', and you are right.? Seriously, from the very nice lady who takes your call to Mike and the fellas in the back room, good folks who know what the hell they're doing. Their skills show up as soon as they pick up the phone. How often does that happen to you.?

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