The Parts Search Begins

There certainly is a lot that this car needs.
The whole left rear corner is missing.

This is not going to be an easy restoration. It is not something we are going to just crank out in a year. Okay, that’s a lie, as we will most likely have this car done in a year or so.

Still, we have an extensive parts list that we need to find track down to restore the car. At this point, our list has none of the usual parts on it like brake pads and engine rebuild parts. So far our initial parts list is just the stuff we are going to need to make the car whole again so we can just begin the restoration.

Here’s what we came up with for our initial list. Much of it doesn’t scare us, as there are Elan specialists that make interior panels and even fiberglass body parts.

Still, there are some parts like a steering wheel and passenger side window that we will have to source used, as they are no longer available new.

If you have any of these parts and can spare them at reasonable prices, Please contact us via email.

The car is a late Series 1 serial #26/3638 and the initial parts list includes:


rear bumper

trunk latch

trunk hinges

hub caps

gas tank

passenger window

top frame



gas cap

left rear corner




interior door panel covering

console covering

dash pad

cowl chrome grille

air cleaner

exhaust system

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Bob_S New Reader
12/31/15 8:04 a.m.

Hi Ed, I would suggest that you contact Hayes over at Wire Wheel. He helped my brother out with some used parts for he Elan.

Have a Happy New Year! Bob

jr02518 Reader
1/1/16 11:16 a.m.


I would also call Ken Gray at Dave Bean's

He might still have the Lotus Cortina, that gave up it's weber twin cam engine that's sitting in his S4 Elan.

Ken provided my first drive in a Elan and cemented my drive to own of of these cars. I owed a series one, serial number 509. The car is now in Japan?

Looking forward to Tim's first impressions of driving the completed car.


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