Treating our Corvette’s interior to a set of Coco Mats

We patched the carpet in our 1965 Corvette to make it presentable, but we had something even better on the way: new Coco Mats from

At a little more than $200 for both the driver and passenger mats, the Coco Mats are pricier than other mats, but once you factor in the customer service, the exact fit, the heat and noise resistance, the sharp look and the fact that these mats aren't prone to sliding around, the price seems like a bargain. (Trust us, you will soon forget the price as you fall in love with these mats–plus they also suck up grime like a vacuum cleaner.)

Have an unusual fit? Want to make sure things will be perfect? can modify, confirm and make patterns from scratch.

The process is fairly easy, too: The company can send over a paper pattern plus a sample of the materials so you can confirm and adjust the pattern as needed–at this point, you’re just adding or removing paper.

And the final mats–black with blue highlights–perfectly match our Bright Blue and white interior. Turnaround time was just a week or two, and the new mats immediately gave our Corvette a deluxe look and feel.

What’s next for the interior? Well, we should work on the seats next.

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David S. Wallens
David S. Wallens Editorial Director
6/27/24 12:05 p.m.

I sold cocomats a hundred years ago. Amazing how they can totally transform an interior–period-correct looks and feel. Plus they really do suck up the dirt. (And, yes, I have them in my cars now.)


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