Autocrossing our Classic.

The fat little Hoosiers provided plenty of grip and we turned some respectable times at the event.
We're working on sorting out a few oil and coolant leaks as well as some suspension tuning for our little beastie.

We took our BMW 2002tii to a local autocross to see how things are shaking out on the project. We drove down to Geneva Florida for the Central Florida Region event with the extra-sticky Hoosier tires in packed in the trunk and back seat area.

Despite a few oil and coolant leaks, we finished with some pretty respectable times, turning what we could call good times for a MINI Cooper. You can see the results here: (

Next up, we need to fix some of the leaks and work on the air/fuel ratio. Our AEM wideband oxygen sensor gauge is telling us that we are too lean at full throttle, yet too rich during light and part throttle. We think this is due to some wear in the mechanical linkages that make up the fuel injection system.

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