Face. Off.

The car is looking a lot different now. The engine is really easy to get to!
Here you can see the sheet metal flanges where the nose was welded to the chassis.

We’ll regretfully admit that we saw the epically bad John Travolta and Nick Cage movie, “Face/Off,” in the theaters. So, it’ll come as no surprise that when we were cutting off the nose of our BMW 2002tii last night, we kept muttering the equally stupid one-liners from the movie. Hey, whatever gets us through the day, right?

Anyway, we used a reciprocating saw to cut most of the nose away from the inner fenders. That gave us easy access to the 30 or so spot welds that secured the nose to the chassis. We ground those off and separated the leftover pieces.

From here, we’ll be finishing up the task of scraping off the sound-deadening in the interior. We’ll also be removing the engine/transmission and starting to remove the rocker panels. Our plan is to get the car pretty close to a bare shell before we really get our welder fired up.

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