Fenders, Sanding and More

With the fenders back on, the 2002 is looking much more like a real car.
The backside of the fenders were painted to keep them from rusting in the future.
The corners of the fenders needed to be welded to the nose section.
This is a nasty area of rust on the trunklid. It has eaten through two layers of steel.
We found a good, used trunklid at Import Carlisle. It has just a few small dings in it that we'll fix with some block sanding.

Over the weekend, we took care of the last major sheet metal work on our BMW 2002tii. We stripped the accumulated layers of crud off the backside of our front fenders, painted them with Eastwood’s Rust Encapsulator paint, and mounted them on the nose of the car. While these are mainly bolt-on fenders, they required some welding at the front upper corners. This was the last major bit of welding we needed to do to get the car ready for a fresh coat of paint.

We’ve also been looking over the original trunklid. Our conclusion: We simply need to replace it. There’s too much rust in the inner and outer skins to make it worthwhile to fix. We found a better trunklid at Import Carlisle that, oddly enough, is close to the color that we want to paint the entire car. Not that this matters much, as we’ll be sanding it down and respraying the car entirely.

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