Little Bumpers, Big Work

The ends of the corner sections were trimmed and boxed in using pieces of the discarded metal.
We used bright finishing nails as plugs to weld up the trim holes. We then ground down the excess.
We're getting the bumpers modified and tweaked before the body goes to paint. We don't want to mess up the paint job later.

We’ll soon be installing some 2002 Turbo-style flares on our 1972 BMW 2002tii, which means the car’s “long”-style chrome bumpers either needed to be modified or changed out for the earlier versions. We chose the first route, as our set was in decent condition—they just needed some chroming.

We first disassembled the three-piece bumpers into their respective sections and welded the trim holes closed along their faces. After that, we cut off the long ends of the corners so they wouldn’t run afoul of the flares themselves. Finally, we welded the cut ends closed using pieces from the discarded sections.

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