Project 2002: Changing Wheel Color

We pulled the wheels off for a quick respray.
Since the wheels were new, they didn't require much prep work aside from some careful masking.
The wheels now have a much more vintage look.

We’re getting a little antsy waiting for engine parts to arrive, so we’re second-guessing our wheel color.

The Rota RBs are a very nice Panasport/Minilite clone that come in a variety of colors. When we purchased them, we thought they’d look best in a dark anthracite finish with a polished lip. We have since decided that the car would actually look a bunch better with wheels that were solid silver.

Since the wheels were in unused condition, they required little prep work other than a scuff from a ScotchBrite pad before we sprayed them with Rust-Oleum’s Sparkling Silver wheel paint. The finish is very uniform and we like how the change brightened up the entire car—and made it look more vintage at the same time.

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6/9/12 8:25 a.m.

What are the dimensions of those Panasport Wheels? Man those suckers are pricey, too, appearing to cost $500.00 per unit. But, they're sure beautiful and I want a set for my '74 tii. . .

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