Rocker On

We vice-gripped the rocker panel onto the unibody.
Then we drilled a series of 1/4-inch holes in the rocker panel.
We positioned the tip of the welder exactly in the center of the drilled hole.
And ZAP!—a plug weld is formed.
We used Walloth and Nesch patches on the front portion of the quarter panels.
We've just about wrapped up the steel work on the passenger side.
We also stitched a few patches to the rear portion of the quarter. Note: We're not that concerned with the fender lip, as we cut it away to allow for the Turbo flares.

We made some good progress on our 2002tii project this past weekend. We replaced the passenger-side rocker panel and finished up work on the rear quarter panel. Soon we’ll need to think about rehanging the doors so we can take car of the car’s nose.

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AndreGT6 SuperDork
4/13/11 12:31 p.m.

What you guys don't own an air punch?

Come on ;-)

Nice work.

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